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Department of Finance

The vision of the Department of Finance is to develop skilled human resource with specialized education and training in finance. Since its inception in 1974, the Department has been committed to catering to the needs of modern business world and has been producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in finance.

Over the period of last 30 years, the Department of Finance has earned considerable reputation for the commitment and devotion to academic excellence. Faculty members are actively engaged in research and have many research publications to their credit. The expertise of teaching staff, research activities and dynamic curriculum has made the Department a unique institution in and outside the University.

The Department offers four-year BBA programme, one-year MBA programme and other post-graduate programmes, including M. Phil. and Ph.D. in Finance. Recently, the department has introduced Evening MBA Programme for executives and professionals. The Department is equipped with a modern Computer Lab named after 'Omar Sultan Foundation' catering to the needs for developing the computer skills of students. All classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, sound systems and multi-media projectors to facilitate the students in presenting case studies and term papers. The offices of the teachers, the lab and the classrooms are equipped with internet facilities.

MBA (Evening) Program

The Department of Finance has introduced the MBA (Evening) Program to prepare skilled and qualified business executives for corporate and non-business houses in the country. The curricula are fueled by teaching methodologies based on persuasive thinking to help students in maximizing their performance. A well balanced qualitative and quantitative approach is followed to support the students improving their analytical and quantitative skills. A variety of specialized and interdisciplinary courses are offered to focus on developing leadership qualities of the students to act strategically and efficiently in the present day global environment.

One of the major objectives of the MBA (Evening) Program of the department is to update knowledge of the students/professionals in different functional areas of business with special emphasis on various aspects of the field of finance. Thus, the program aims at making the professionals technically more competent in solving problems. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • Preparing students of different backgrounds with necessary skills and techniques for development of career as finance managers or executives;
  • Promoting students’ perceptions of the functional areas of business and developing their understanding of interrelationships among them;
  • Enhancing the ability of the students to identify business problems and resolve them;
  • Assisting students in understanding the dynamics of business operations in an increasingly complex global environment and completely dealing with the management problems therein; and e. Developing critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities of the students to enable them to work effectively

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